Feel Assured – Fofi Smart box comes with Parental Control

A child’s brain is constantly developing and learning new things. In their quest to know more they may engage in risky online behaviour. The challenge most parents face today is to weigh the pros and cons of giving their children digital freedom. Most parents understand that limiting children’s access to the Internet could impact their ability to learn and develop. However, this also means exposing children to threats and information that are far beyond their capacity to handle.
Exposing children to raw and unadulterated internet can lead them to become victims of online predators. Parental controls can help reduce the risk of your child encountering inappropriate content when they are online.
Having an android box with parental control is a great way to regulate your children’s online habits. Fo-Fi android box makes it easy for busy parents to keep tabs on their kids’ digital lives.
Fo-Fi lets your kids explore the Web freely, with filtered and focused internet while keeping you in the know about which websites they are visiting.

“Fofi android box makes it easy for busy parents to keep tabs on their kids’ digital lives.”

This new generation of kids are smart and intelligent. As parents it is our job to keep them safe and lead them to make better choices independently. Invest in Fo-Fi android box which has built in parental control and teach your kids the importance of safety and common sense when exploring the online world.

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