Connect to the world of entertainment with Fo-Fi Android box

“Fo-Fi is the powerful Android box designed to connect you to the world of entertainment and content.”

Fo-Fi lets you enjoy the power of Android on your TV screen. Well, if you ever thought of converting your TV into Smart TV then Fo-Fi Android Box is the ideal one.

Once connected, you are free to experience Android on your TV screen. Like you use your favourite apps on your mobile, you can simply use these using this device – Exciting isn’t it? You can stream movies, watch your favourite shows in YouTube and from other streaming sites, connect with your friends through Facebook app and more.

Fo-Fi gives access to over 40,000 TV shows and movies. You can seamlessly watch High Definition premium channels such as the HBO, ESPN and so on. Powered by Android 6 Operating system, this has many new features that bring the kind of things you enjoy on your phone to your TV.

There are other types of TV boxes which run other operating systems. The advantage of having a smart TV box running on android is that the platform gives you a lot of flexibility to pick and choose which apps you want to run. With other streaming media players, you are mostly restricted to apps within their ecosystem.
As a subscriber, you’ll be able to enjoy television even when you are experiencing bad condition outside your residence. Over the last few decades, digital television has gotten widely popular all around the Earth, and today many consumers prefer HDTV and web TV channels to conventional analog television. Maybe you live overseas and need to access TV from another nation or simply don’t need the trouble of preparing the box.

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