5 tips to improve your wireless internet connection

Nothing puts an obstruction on a streaming session like a poor wireless connection, so we’re here to offer our best tips to get you streaming happily on your Fo-Fi smart entertainment box. Before you call your ISP or pull your hair out, try these steps to improve your wireless internet connection.

1. Check your wireless signal strength
If you’re seeing a loading screen or video buffering checking your internet speed is a good place to start.
On your Fo-Fi device, go to Settings > Network
When connected, you can see the signal strength on-screen.

2. Change the location of your router
The location of the router in your home is crucial to having a strong connection throughout your home. Having the router as close to the middle of your home allows for an equal distribution of your wireless signal. If your router is in the corner of your home, half of your signal may be outside! You’ll also want to keep your router away from household devices like cordless phones or microwaves that may emit interference and reduce the wireless signal. If your router has an antenna, try adjusting it. Sometimes even a slight change in its angle can help.

Some of the same tips for your router location can be applied to your Fo-Fi box. You’ll want to make sure your Fo-Fi device is within range of your router and not on top of any other electronic devices like a cable box or DVD player. It’s also important that the front of your player is clear of obstructions, that it’s not enclosed in a cabinet or an enclosed area, and that it’s not sitting in direct sunlight

3. Reduce traffic on your wireless network 
When possible, limit the use of other internet-connected devices on your network. Removing some other devices like phones, laptops, or game systems from your network could greatly increase your available bandwidth. If you must have multiple devices connected and you have a dual-band router, you can try moving your Fo-Fi player to a band all by itself.

4. Create a strong home network password
It’s crucial to have strong password protection on your router for security reasons but also to keep those pesky next-door neighbours from sucking up your bandwidth.

5. Consider a new router
If you have tried everything above and still aren’t satisfied with your wireless connection, it may be time to upgrade your router. If you purchased your router years ago, you may be stuck on an older wireless standard. You may want to consider purchasing a router with newer networking technology.

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